To be the leader in worldwide Business Trading. Focusing on Project management, Manufacturing and trading. To cater clients with services built with the foundation of organized system, knowledge and expertise in adapting to the indefinite course of markets and policies in the industry. To dedicate ourselves in conducting the business with professionalism, Integrity and ethical approach.


Here in Technopro, we are devoted to strive and lead the peculiar Business of Supply chain and demand. To grow alongside with our clients in the industry and with our employees. Our vision is to allot ourselves with the development and the growth of the business enterprise while continuously keeping harmony with the aspects of our business associates.

What is TECHNOPRO Trading?

An equally significant aspect of Trading has been shared in Dubai from the world. From the business of Spare Parts, Construction materials, Raw materials and Chemical supply, these resources can now be easily distinguished in most cities from different countries. Technopro takes on the challenge of biting a chunk piece from the Business of trading in delivering Quick results without any detriment in the Quality of work from our Qualified workforce.

Technopro started as an idea from the great mind of its founders. They have successfully exercised the business of trade for lengthy of time in the greater regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. Now extending the business in the Middle East; Technopro’s aim is to furnish the world of Business trading in the fields of Plastic Manufacturing, Import, Export, supply chain and Demand its mountain share of professional and competitive results.

Using the latest guidelines and knowledge in Business Trade, Technopro offers variety of services in the trade field arena. From Plastic Manufacturing, Spare parts, Raw materials, Chemical, Logistics, Distribution and many more.

Technopro firmly stands with its core value of 3 Q’s. Quick, Quality and Qualified. Never missing a beat in exercising these first rate core. Technopro has proven its strong functionality in the business of trading grounds.

In most recent time, we are very proud to declare that Technopro has successfully acquired and continuously supporting its solid growing numbers of local and international clients and expected to expand more in the coming times.