Spare Parts & Machinery

Technopro has advanced exceedingly well with our effort to lead the business of spare parts solution. Starting with Car parts, Technopro ventured to Truck parts to heavy machinery spare parts. Primarily, Technopro supplies brand new components and parts and deals to all brands of cars, trucks and other machinery. Continuing with the success, Technopro has made dealing for other customer that requires After Market and Compatible brands. This move has made Technopro much stronger with its competition with other trading companies. With our considerable amount of supplies and inventory ready for shipment, Technopro can promise quick delivery for your order. Send us your requirements and we’ll get back to you with quotation of outstanding prices.

Plastic Manufacturing

In a competitive free market economy, Manufacturing is commonly used as the central source to crop goods for selling to end users. In return, manufacturing has demonstrated that profit can be and will be large-scale. As statistics shows, manufacturing can be relied upon in achieving goals by employing great compositions of ideas, proven methods used by many and adding our own uniqueness that assures quality and the apparatus used to see the ideas and knowledge turned into a tangible, working and smart products. With these sense, Technopro decided to embark on the business of plastic manufacturing. From bottling solutions, ropes, reusable containers, laboratory equipment to plastic kitchen wares and automotive components. Plastic can enhance it one’s manufacturing solution due to its adaptability characteristics to other plastic chemical. By knowing all the chemical aspect of each components and technical knowledge on plastic molding machines, Technopro can supply customers with midrange production to high range manufacturing. With the aid of our personnel specializing in plastic solution. Technopro’s continues to delivery never ending positive results in the field of Plastic manufacturing for our customers worldwide.