Plastic Manufacturing

In a competitive free market economy, Manufacturing is commonly used as the central source to crop goods for selling to end users. In return, manufacturing has demonstrated that profit can be and will be large-scale. As statistics shows, manufacturing can be relied upon in achieving goals by employing great compositions of ideas, proven methods used by many and adding our own uniqueness that assures quality and the apparatus used to see the ideas and knowledge turned into a tangible, working and smart products. With these sense, Technopro decided to embark on the business of plastic manufacturing. From bottling solutions, ropes, reusable containers, laboratory equipment to plastic kitchen wares and automotive components. Plastic can enhance it one’s manufacturing solution due to its adaptability characteristics to other plastic chemical. By knowing all the chemical aspect of each components and technical knowledge on plastic molding machines, Technopro can supply customers with midrange production to high range manufacturing. With the aid of our personnel specializing in plastic solution. Technopro’s continues to delivery never ending positive results in the field of Plastic manufacturing for our customers worldwide.


Spare Parts & Machinery

Technopro has advanced exceedingly well with our effort to lead the business of spare parts solution. Starting with Car parts, Technopro ventured to Truck parts to heavy machinery spare parts. Primarily, Technopro supplies brand new components and parts and deals to all brands of cars, trucks and other machinery. Continuing with the success, Technopro has made dealing for other customer that requires After Market and Compatible brands. This move has made Technopro much stronger with its competition with other trading companies. With our considerable amount of supplies and inventory ready for shipment, Technopro can promise quick delivery for your order. Send us your requirements and we’ll get back to you with quotation of outstanding prices.

Project Management

The definition of Project management with Technopro is divided into five major parts. A simple set of methodically placed procedures have proven to be very effective when applied to managing a project.


Our proven sophisticated steps includes: Opening, Lay out, Application, Management and Completion. With principal focus on Trading and proven management scheme and guided procedure, Technopro has made successful projects handed over by clients with gratifying end result.

Trending Solution - Explicit Defined Fix


Procurement generally involves making buying decisions under conditions of scarcity. Buying goods, services or work from an external sources, often via the process of tendering or bidding. In most time, it is favorable that the goods, services or works are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the acquirer in terms of quality, quantity, time and location.Almost all purchasing decision include factors such as delivery and handling, marginal benefits and price fluctuations.
Important distinction should be made between analysis without risk and those with risk. The above mentioned factors are the fundamental attributes that has been made sure to be followed within TECHNOPRO.With many years invested in procurement, TECHNOPRO has grasped and expanded its network to the best suppliers in the global market. With wide presence in Global market, TECHNOPRO trusted by many, has provided quality service and products to our global clients.

Quality Control

To be effective and to improve one organization’s operations, the company has to utilize the effectiveness of each department to its top potential. With every department working to a common goal, prompt success is expected. However, the loss of quality control, can weaken the company’s structure and highly a loss of funds. To help achieve this, a control auditing is taken into place. With quality control, Independence and assurance in its objective by charting its method can realize the value and improve the organization’s operation.


Our team can provide an onsite inspection by our trained auditors. Manpower evaluation, Quality assurance procedures, Company’s documentation, Analyzing licenses and registration certificates. Evaluation of company’s experience and capabilities in managing and completing tasks and analyzing the company’s relationship with other third party organizations.